6:00 PM ET, the 4th Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted.

Forrest Building, 436 Broad St., Rome, GA 30161

Take the outside stairs to the left of Hardy Realty on Broad, to the basement entrance.  

NWGAWOODTURNER meetings are informal with guest demonstrators,  Show & Tell items brought by members,  and quite a bit of learning, sharing of ideas and techniques and networking with members.  Members also bring items such as woodturning blanks, spare tools, books, etc., for a raffle held at the end of each meeting as a fundraiser for the club.  Visitors are always welcome, so come and join us.

Meeting Dates

  • March meeting cancelled.

  • April 23, 2020 – Cancelled

  • May 28, 2020 – TBA

  • June 25, 2020 – TBA

  • July 23, 2020 – TBA

  • August 27, 2020 – TBA

Our members bring their creations, and sometimes experiments, to the monthly meetings to share techniques, styles, finishes and failures.   Check out the latest Show-N-Tell here.

  • Visitors are always welcome at all NWGAWOODTURNER meetings.
  • Yearly dues are $35
  • Members are encouraged to also become members of the American Association of Woodturners at WoodTurner.org

Please visit the websites of our special friends.

You can find the By-Laws here: 



    Barry Gable
        706 290-4967

    Greg Hall
        706 506-6242

    Terry Brandin


    Tom Canada
        (706) 266-5340


January 28, 2021

Tentative In-Person Meeting Depending upon Health Department Recommendations.

Live Stream of Meeting on Zoom.
To attend the Zoom meeting,
send an email requesting the link to President@NWGAWoodturners.org




Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to figure out how to keep our club going during the pandemic.



July 23, 2020
Online Meeting


Tom Canada was our demonstrator for the evening.  Tom showed us his methods for adding color to his turned works.


Yearly Dues

It’s time for our club dues again, the single member rate is $35 and family is $40 and checks should be mailed to our club Treasurer, Terry Brandin at the following address:

Terry Brandin
10 Westover Drive SW
Rome, Ga. 30165-3451


Since we are not able to meet at present the club is not enjoying the income provided by selling raffle tickets at the meetings so we are considering the possibility of listing items for sale on eBay to benefit the NWGaWT club. Any member who wishes to donate a turned item may contact Greg Hall at  greg@austringercreations.com and he can arrange to pick up the donated items. All proceeds after auction fees will be directed to the club.
Tom Canada has been a long time member of the Northwest Georgia Woodturners and is the club’s Reporter.  Tom has demonstrated several times and always brings many items for Show-N-Tell to encourage other turners.  He is also a woodturning mentor to one of our youngest members.


If anyone is willing to demonstrate for a future club meeting, we have a couple options for doing so. We can meet at our club and set up video to present live for the monthly meeting or Greg can bring his video equipment to your shop for the demonstration as long as you have a sufficient internet connection for the video stream. We can also pre-record your demonstration at a convenient time and the recording can be presented during the club
meeting. Anyone willing may contact greg@austringercreations.com and we can work out the most convenient procedure.

June 25, 2020
Online Meeting

Demonstrator: Mike Peace

Mike Peace enjoys every aspect of woodturning, including demonstrating and teaching. He has demonstrated at the American Association of Woodturners symposium in Atlanta 2016 and Portland 2018, as well as regional symposia and for many clubs in the Southeast. He has also taught at the John C. Campbell Folk School.

Mike has published articles in American Woodturner, More Woodturning, Woodturning Design, and Woodturning FUNdamentals. He uploads a woodturning video weekly to his YouTube channel Mike Peace Woodturning.  

Mike lives in Suwanee, GA with his wife Barbara. Before retirement, Mike worked at ADP as a payroll software project manager. After serving on active duty in the US Army, Mike stayed active as a reservist retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. 

More information on his woodturning can be found at his website http://mikepeacewoodturning.com/  

Click Here to download Mike’s instructions for turning a lidded box.

February 27, 2020

 Peggy Schmid was here to demonstrate her unique turned works which include clay as part of the design.

“As a sculptor, I began working in wood during my college days and found the texture, versatility, and aroma almost hypnotic.  I loved working with wood but did not discover turning until a chance project for a charity propelled me into learning to create art from turned pieces of wood.  My very first project was a chess set which sold at auction for $350.00.  The second project, a table with four turned legs was the hook that grabbed me and I have been turning ever since.  I might add that the table is still in use in my kitchen and is a constant reminder of my woodturning journey.”
-Peggy Schmid

January 23, 2020 – The annual business meeting was held.  By unanimous approval, the unopposed candidate for vice president, Greg Hall, was elected for 2020.  Gary’s main duties as vice president will be to arrange the demonstrators for this year.  Former co-president, Barry Gable moves into the president slot.  All other officers remain the same.

After the business meeting, one member took advantage of the Free Turn time to get some advice from a few of the other members while improving her techniques on the lathe.

A test was also performed by the AV committee to link up with our March demonstrator, Mike Peace, who will join us remotely from his own workshop in Suwanee, GA.  Mike will demonstrate making boxes, live over the internet, where he will be able to converse with our members to answer questions as well as give us different views of his work on the lathe.  It will be a unique opportunity and we hope you will join us for Mike’s remote demonstration.

November 14, 2019 – Frank Bowers was our Demonstrator. He turned an urn from Box Elder.  Frank used a fascinating technique he called “adaptive turning.” Frank said that he learned the technique  from another woodturner who gave it that name.  This method allows the turner to create various hollow forms without a lot of specialty tools for hollowing the piece. Frank BowersTo turn the hollow form with such a small opening, he roughed the outside shape and then cut the piece into top and bottom halves.  By mounting the bottom and then the top in the chuck, he hollowed out the insides,  much like making a box, then glued the halves together to complete the outside.  The Box Elder was not completely dry as he prefers to turn this type of object with wet wood. 
Frank was a fountain of information sharing with us what he had learned over the years. Telling us how he made and modified tools over the years as he gained experience with raw materials and markets for his turnings.
     It was announced that the December Meeting will be the annual Christmas party , detailed information will be coming soon. Jack Kerwood,reporter.

October 24, 2019 – It was announced that our November meeting will be held on Thursday, November 14th due to Thanksgiving falling on the 4th Thursday of the month.

Saturday, November 9th –

Several club members will be offering a 3 hour pen turning class.  The class is open to anyone in the club or community who would like to attend.  Space is limited, so please email Tom Canada to reserve a spot.  The class will begin at 9:30 AM in our meeting space in the basement of the Forest Building, downtown Rome.

Our January 23, 2020 meeting is our annual business meeting.  Afterwards, members will be encouraged to take part in a “You Turn It” session where you can turn whatever you like on the club’s equipment.  Other members will be available to offer advice and help teach techniques to improve your turning skills.

Charlie Self, past club co-president, was our demonstrator for the evening.  Charlie has been working with one of the Atlanta woodturning clubs in teaching woodturning to vision impaired people. He said that he is often amazed at the work turned by this group of people who use touch rather than sight in turning wood.

Charlie demonstrated his technique for “chasing threads” on a lidded box.  He used a special jig, similar to ones made by Baxter or Klein, to hold the turned box and advance it into the threading tool mounted in the headstock of the lathe.  According to Charlie, the more dense woods make better threads.  The less dense the wood, the more chips may appear in the threads and the results will be problematic when trying to screw the two pieces together.

September 26, 2019 – New changes were announced for the club’s officers, specifically the president.  We will be electing a vice president at an upcoming meeting.  The vice president will serve a one year term after which he will become president.  This will allow the incoming president to become acclimated to the position and be more effective for the club.


Steve Ogle

Steve Ogle made his second visit to our club as a demonstrator.  This time, he showed how he makes wooden Christmas ornaments.  Each one of his ornaments features a long finial.
Steve showed us how he first turns the body of the ornament out of one piece of wood, then turns the cap and finial out of another piece. 

To begin the project, he mounts the blank for the body of the ornament on a scrap piece that can be mounted in the lathe chuck.  He starts by shaping the body into a teardrop style.  Then he drills a core completely through the piece and continues by using a carbide scraper that can widen out the interior of the body to reduce the weight.

After completing the body, he parts it off of the scrap piece and carefully measures the openings on each end with a caliper.  This measurement will be used to adjust the mounting end of both the ornament’s top and finial.

He mounts the longer piece of wood in the lathe jaws and turns the cap.  After parting it off, the piece is adjusted in the chuck to expose more of the wood.  Steve has a general idea of how the final should look but relies on the wood to tell him what shape it wants to be.  As shown in the photos, he takes great care to create the finest details as the taper of the finial gets smaller.

We really appreciate Steve’s talent and willingness to share his techniques with us at our September meeting.

Reported by Jack Kerwood

Our October Demonstrator will be our own Charlie Self making lidded boxes.

Frank Bowers will be visiting us again for our November meeting.  He is a retired telephone company employee and wood turner who has put on many demos at the now history,  “Woodtoberfest”  at Hardwoods Incorporated in Atlanta.  He is a very skilled turner and excellent turning teacher.  Check out a video of him at the Gwinnett Woodworkers Club.
August 22, 2019Jeff Slayton, Manager of the Kennesaw Rockler Store, was our demonstrator for the evening. Jeff showed us how to make five items from a single 2x4x4 piece of wood. Finishing some of the pieces with a Red White and Blue Patriotic  theme, his creations included a bracelet, a finger ring using a metal insert, pieces which can be used as earrings, a pendant and a yo-yo.  He used a Sorby Texturing tool to add further embellishment to his work.  His turning featured the use of EasyWood Carbide tipped woodturning Tools.
Secretary/Treasurer, Terry Brandin, presented NWGaWT Meeting Raffle Data 2013 through July 2019.  The question was asked of the group, should we continue the raffle of items donated by members as a club fundraiser?  It was noted that the quality of items for the raffle has declined in the past year.  The item will be taken up by the officers at their next meeting. Reported by Jack Kerwood


Our Show-N-Tell displayed a large number of pieces for a second look.  Many of the pieces displayed were items being returned from the Georgia Highlands Library display of our member’s woodturnings [Summer 2019].  There were several new pieces as well.
Plans and a turning blank of poplar were handed out to the members present for a challenge to turn and finish a “Toothpick holder ” for the September 26, 2019 Meeting.

July 25, 2019 – “Terrific” Tom Canada was our demonstrator. Tom did his usual fine Demo, turning a  top and and a natural edge bowl.  As usual with Tom he added some of his unique solutions to “Wood turning problems.” Not knowing what season of the year the wood was cut, and if the sap was up or down, he treated the edge of the bowl with thin CA cement ( thin because it penetrates the deepest) and then cured it with accelerator to help keep the remaining bark in place.

Tom described how he added a second emergency stop switch, in series with the first one, on the tailstock end the lathe in his workshop. This allows a quick shutdown, in case of a dangerous unbalance problem, no matter where the turner is standing when the problem occurs. Tom received a good round of applause from the members and guests at the end of his demo.

We also had several pieces on our ” Show and Tell” display.

24 club members and guests were in attendance.


Reported by Jack Kerwood


July 25, 2019 – The Northwest Georgia Woodturners club is accepting donations of turned wooden boxes for Beads of Courage.  The Beads of Courage organization collects the boxes to distribute to children who are hospitalized due to serious illnesses.  The children receive a bead for each step in their treatment.  The children keep all their beads in a donated box.  Specifications for the boxes can be found at their website BeadsofCourage.org.  Bring your boxes to donate to the next club meeting.  Contact Barry Gable, gom830etowah@att.net, for information on how to pickup the Beads of Courage logo-bead to include in your box design.

  JULY 11, 2019 – In the month of July, several members volunteered to demonstrate woodturning to day campers with the Rome-Floyd Recreation Department, at the Senior Center at Etowah Park.   After the demonstration, each camper received a spinning top and participated in a top spinning competition.

Don’t throw away those pieces of scrap wood!  Use them to turn several tops to be given to the campers next summer.